Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Mediocre Day

Work is suck. Work is major suck.

You would think, that as an international communications company, they would be able to give oooooh, I don't know... at least 24 hours notice of when the system is going down for maintenance. NOOOO. Too fuckin easy! They wait until we're down, completely down to send out a blind copy blast facts : WARNING SYSTEM UNDERGOING MAINTENANCE! ETA OF SYSTEM BACK UP ROUGHLY 90 MINUTES.

And they wonder why people send them death threats.

Got a cool new toy in the mail today. Blu Cigs. It's an electronic cigarette. No tobacco, no nicotine. I didn't have a single cigarette while at work today. It tastes like spearmint! Nom nom nom. The girls at work think I have officially lost what little remaining sanity I had left, watching me sit at the picnic table with my bright blue, green and purple hair, puffing happily away at my not-cigarette.

Meh. A day in the life...

Um... picture of me and boyfran!

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