Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There comes a time during the course of my day, that I find myself absolutely horrified to be at work. I don't know if it's because I work ten hour days or because I have a ridiculously tiny attention span, but it usually seems to dawn on me right around 5.30pm.

Any given day, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm you can find me having a small mental breakdown in my rollie chair. It is never the same. Today, for example, I found myself puffing away at my electronic cigarette in direct defiance of workplace law. As I spun in circles, entangling myself in my headset cord, waiting for a technician to answer his damn cell phone, one might have drawn the conclusion that I was fucking about. The very opposite was happening however. I am a woman of much energy and sitting that still and behaving myself for that long is nigh on impossible.

So after giving the fuckface technician the information he needed, I launched into a small diatribe against the I.T. guy at work for being, quite possibly, the most UN-NERDY I.T. guy in the history of EVER.

Get this - dude does NOT game... not table top, not console, nothing. He may play Halo every once in a while, but that's tantamount to saying "I eat week old cold pizza every once in a while." It's something you don't like to do, and you're a little embarrassed to say you DO do it on occasion. He also isn't a movie nerd... as in he only watches the "mainstream" movies. Kid has never seen Hackers. I thought that was part of your degree....

I then began to heckle him about his lack of nerdy fantasy. I have never, ever in my life met a man that would not be thrilled to date a gamer/comic book geek girl. I decided to pursue this further. TURNS OUT DUDE DOES NOT HAVE A FETISH FOR ASIAN WOMEN.

Excuse me, but what the fuck?! So let me get this straightened out here for just a goddamned minute.

Straight white male, from NorthWest Ohio (not exactly a mecca of cultral fucking diversity) who is a head I.T. for my company... does not dig Asian women, the Gold Bikini, gaming or comic books.

I say he's a fake.

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